Creative Business Coaching

Would you love to earn enough from your creative talents to be able to practice art as your main form of income? Do you have great ideas and passion but lack the confidence to move forward? Or are struggling with certain aspects of your business.

Would you like to have assistance with brainstorming ideas, or working on a particular aspect of your business? Or accountability to reach your goals?

My Creative Biz can help. I’ve had over 20 years experience working with all types of creative people, mentoring and guiding them to meet their career goals. 

Arts Business Courses

If you are planning to make money from your creative work and would love to be able to practice art as your main form of income, you will need to have some business skills. Some basic business planning won’t go astray and it’s handy to know about grant writing and copyright too.

My Creative Biz runs workshops, seminars, and conferences that will help you get skilled in the business side of creativity.

You will be working with an experienced trainer who has over 20 years of teaching arts and music business and has graduates successfully plying their trade all over the world. I’ve taught classes or run arts business learning projects for TAFE QLD, Arts QLD, Flying Arts Alliance, BEMAC, QMusic, Redland City Council and more.

Work with me to discover valuable Know How to take your creative business to the big time

PO Box 1393 Capalaba, QLD, 4157, Australia

0411 197 014

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