My local Thai Restaurant – Thai Cuisine has great food – really spectacular, melt in your mouth, full of flavour sensations that have us going back regularly.

We started going there about three years ago when we came across it by chance.
It was pretty basic in the way of decor – I mean REALLY basic, but we gave it a go. And it was well worth it.

Over that two year period, things have gradually changed. Little by little the owners started making improvements. Fancier menu covers, a new wooden floor, better chairs, tables, cushions and table runners. They painted the walls, added decorations and built a new front counter.

Once they had confidence that people loved the food, they slowly added all those extra touches that add to the experience.

I have learnt to apply the same strategy to business. To start small with a product or service and build it over time. Make sure the core components are sound, and you can add the extras as you grow. You could even ask for valuable feedback from your customers, that will help you decide what to add and when.

If you are just starting out in your business, or with a new service or product, starting small and building on the idea can be a great way to build something your customers actually want.

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