Unlike the seemingly blinkered view of our previous State and Federal Government, I believe that creative people and their services and product have so much to offer the economy. And hopefully, a section of the general public do to given the last election outcomes in Queensland.

The ousted Newman Government in Queensland axed the following:

  1. Defunding the Qld Premiers Literary Awards.
  2. Cut funding for the Fanfare and MOST youth music programs. $20 million ripped out of arts grant programs.
  3. Closing down Creative Industries Skills Council
  4. Defunding Youth Arts QLD and other youth services that provided assistance to young creatives.
  5. Removing education officers from arts companies.

Some of these programs and services were reinstated or funded privately due to the innovation and creativity of passionate people from the arts sector. Which proves my point that creativity and innovation should be harnessed, not made to feel like the poor cousin who is costing the state/country money. Imagine how powerful we could be if we fostered creativity, innovation and supported creative individuals, businesses and services.

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